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Think and lead differently by being social, not doing social…

“Having heard David Nour speak several times, I’ve found him to be insightful, pragmatic, and poignant in simplifying the complex, and bringing thought leadership to his focus on strategic relationships.  Return on Impact will similarly make the reader think about the quantifiable outcome of social media and social collaboration.” – John Graham IV, FASAE, CAE, President & CEO – ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership

“Whether you call them members or customers, if you want to engage them more effectively, impact them more intently, and transform them more consistently, you need to read Return on Impact now!” – Daniel Burrus, CEO – Burrus Research Associates, and author of the New York Times best seller Flash Foresight

“In Relationship Economics, David Nour articulated the strategic value of business relationships.  In Return on Impact, he forces the reader to question what value they are really adding and how to measure the impact of social as a business enabler on those strategic relationships.” – Randy Seidl, SVP & GM Americas – Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Servers, Storage, & Networking

Access to information is instantaneous. Social tools put professional networks within arm’s reach. With that context, what are the leadership strategies that will allow your organization to create and support differentiating value and to nurture ongoing relationships with your members? To find out, I teamed up with the ASAE Foundation to extend my bestselling book Relationship Economics, to the quantifiable outcome of social networking, social media, and social collaboration.

In Return on Impact, I chart the implications of a socially enabled world and the reinvention–in structure and governance, talent acquisition, listening practices, and business and revenue models–that leaders of organizations must undertake to fuel growth in the next decade. The context for this book is today’s social-media-savvy environment, but Return on Impact is not another tactical book on social media or an orientation to particular networking tools. It is a strategy resource designed to show you what will set competitors apart.

Ensure that your organization still matters today, tomorrow, and beyond. Reading this book is the first important step to helping your organization own its future.

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Leadership Strategy book by consultant, speaker, and author, David Nour -
on thinking and leading differently because of social media, social networking, and social collaboration